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Wireless Camera for Home Security

Wireless Camera for Home Security

Decide-on the Right Locations for Your Security Cameras

Decide-on the Right Locations for Your Security Cameras

Decide-on the Right Locations for Your Security Cameras

Approximately 65 percent of burglaries around the world are residential and only a well-placed camera can help identify the intruders. Therefore, if your security systems are placed in the wrong areas, you may not feel and be as protected as you think.

Few important questions to ask are, do you have hidden or obscured entrances, windows or doors that would be particularly appealing to burglars? Do you feel like there are chances of break-ins through those passages? Well, the point is, you know your house best, so you are uniquely qualified to evaluate how to keep it safe from disturbance.

Here are some of the major spot where you should install a wireless camera for home security.

Front Door

Researches revealed that 34% of all the criminals across the globe enter houses through the front door. So you should definitely fix a surveillance system over your front door. Also, to prevent a criminal from knocking out your surveillance system, consider enclosing it in such a place which can protect it from errant rocks, sticks, or any other weapon.

Back Door

You need to install a surveillance device even at the back door, since researches also showed that 22% of home burglars throughout the world enter through the back door. Bottom line is, place a camera at each entry door in order to protect your house. However, be sure that the devices are featured with night vision, so that you can have clear view even in low light.

Off-Street Windows

If you fix your camera at a window that is not in direct view of the street, it decreases the chance of being highlighted to the sight of the criminals, since criminals often enter a house by breaking a rear window. For this type of location, you should go for the best wireless security camera system which is a flexible device and easy to install, especially when there are difficulties in fixing the wires.

Above are some of the major but usual spots where you must install the security cameras. Apart from that, there must be many other locations which you may think could be the possible sources for break-ins. Install surveillance systems into those places creating a protective network, securing your family and house.